Baluster offers the full array of services across the EDRM model utilizing industry standard processing solutions from Lexis Nexis’s LAW and Ipro’s eCapture. ESI is a complex part of the modern discovery world and Baluster is equipped to help you manage your ever-growing digital data.  Employing Early Case Assessment (ECA) software to help reduce the data to a manageable size is our first step in the filtering process which also includes de-duplication, date range, doc type and keyword queries. Once the relevant data has been identified, we then extract the text and metadata for review in Ipro’s Eclipse or kCura’s Relativity.

  • Cloud based forensic collections including Amazon Web Services
  • File Conversion of PST, MBOX, and native files to TIFF or PDF
  • Load files for your litigation software including Ipro, Relativity, Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, and more
  • Metadata and text extraction for database population
  • Culling and filtering options
  • Review and final production processing
  • Electronic Bates stamping and branding of images
  • Secure FTP site for large file transfer
  • Image linking and indexing
  • Hosted

    Baluster offers affordable and flexible online review platforms. Many competing review applications offer lots of bells and whistles, but at additional cost to you. In our pricing models, many of these features are included. With today’s influx of electronic data, without the right tool, even the most straightforward projects can quickly get out of hand missing deadlines, creating incomplete or inaccurate productions and even sanctions.  Baluster has invested in bringing the right tools as well as strategically aligning ourselves with the right partners to offer secure, centralized document repositories with web-based review tools that are easy to use, intuitive and available 24/7 from any location.

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • 24/7/365 support and management
  • Project management team
  • Intuitive
  • Flexible
  • Traditional

    Paper-based discovery: Although much of modern day litigation support focuses on eDiscovery solutions, Baluster understands that not all discovery happens strictly within the confines of electronic data. We value this and extend the same high-quality support for paper-based discovery as we do in the electronic realm. As one of the last full-service litigation support vendors in the Puget Sound, we put as much focus on your paper based needs as we do on eDiscovery solutions.

  • Scanning and copying of paper docs
  • Bates numbering of documents
  • Objective and subjective coding
  • Load files for your litigation software including Ipro, Relativity, Concordance, Summation, Ringtail, and more
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for either TIFF or PDF
  • Color scanning/copying of photos and oversized documents
  • Foam core mounting of exhibit boards
  • Bankruptcy mailing services
  • Brief and excepts of record preparation
  • Page by page quality control measures
  • Trial & 
    Deposition Prep

    Whether you are a visiting attorney staying at a local hotel for a deposition or your case remains unsettled and you are heading to trial, Baluster is equipped to help you create trial and witness notebooks and/or “dep prep” folders. We keep a fully stocked supply of paper, tabs, binders, and manila folders to meet your printing needs. Baluster routinely delivers “dep prep” projects to local hotels in advance of depositions as well as boxes of binders to the area courthouses for trial purposes.

    • High-speed digital printing of PDFs

    • Digital oversize printing of schematics

    • Custom tabs & labels

    • Color printing of maps, charts, and photos

    • Wide array of binders and folders

    • Delivery service to local courthouses and hotels


    Case/Project Management

  • Seasoned and certified project management team
  • Support the day-to-day case/project management
  • Review Strategy Development

  • Experienced consultants assisting law firm practice support practices and attorneys to discuss specific case issues
  • Software & Training

  • Ipro Eclipse, Ipro Eclipse SE, and Relativity
  • Development of strategies regarding case data management, discovery, and technology

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